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What is the biggest concern of the Pay N Play casino players?

Nowadays Pay N Play technology provides the most seamless access to online casino games, but are there any concerns from both sides – the players and Casino providers/operators?

The bigger concern with Pay N Play casinos – the use of screen scraping

Maybe the bigger concern for the user of the Pay N Play casinos is the possible use of screen scraping as a way of obtaining the player’s information via their bank account. Screen scraping may work by the online payment provider asking the user which bank they are with, recording their log-in credentials and then using them to access their online bank account.

It does this by impersonating the user and then extracting the required data which is then passed on to the operator, in this case, our Pay N Play casino. This data is usually held unencrypted, or at least must be accessible in an unencrypted format, in order for the screen-scraping to take place and for data to be passed on to the operator. This presents substantial risk around the security of the information being held, although to date there have been no leaks reported across all industries using screen scraping.

The challenges faced by the Pay N Play operators

But as you can guess Pay N Play operators also face some new challenges, particularly when it comes to operators acquiring and retaining players through marketing, bonuses and other incentives. as the new player does not have to provide an email address or telephone number, contacting them directly with personalized CRM offers is a tough task, which and requires extra work.

It would be easier for the operators to obtain this information at a later stage, usually by asking the player to provide contact details in exchange for bonuses, free spins, etc.

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