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Why the Pay N Play casinos are the future of online gambling?

These days, pay and play have become widely popular with Casino players in a few Scandi markets such as Sweden and Finland as well as Germany. Why one will ask? It’s simply because they allow the gamblers to deposit and play at an online casino without having to go through the boring process of registering an account, passing the KYC procedure, then waiting for their ID to be verified.  Nowadays with Pay N Play, they can play at once simply by making a deposit via their online bank account.

Trustly, the company behind Pay N Play technology, will collect personal information from the player’s bank account and will share it with the operator for identification purposes. Obviously, this streamlines the signup and verification process, meaning players can deposit and start wagering without any delay.

This is certainly NOT the case one the UK market where online Casinos are now required to pass the players through the KYC procedure before they are allowed to deposit and start playing. While operators are working hard to complete these processes as quickly as possible, they simply can’t compete with the instant verification of Pay N Play.

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