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Casumo launches first Pay N Play casino

Casumo Casino is one of the best-known online casinos in the UK, Germany and Sweden. After the more than successful last few years, it is now apparently time for the operator to launch another internet casino. According to information so far, however, this will be extremely different from Casumo and will be a genuine Pay N Play casino from Trustly, in which, for example, the annoying registration is completely omitted. The well-known Gaming Innovation Group, which already has sufficient experience in the field of casinos without a registration, was also won as a partner for the software platform.

Casumo’s first Pay N Play casino makes payouts possible in no time at all

For some time now, everyone has been talking about Pay N Play casinos with the payment service provider Trustly, so it is hardly surprising that Casumo is now also jumping on this bandwagon. The new virtual arcade, which will probably be called Mill of Magic, should see the light of day as a pure Trustly casino in the 4th quarter at the latest. The special thing about these Pay N Play casinos is that the sometimes annoying registration process, which is still necessary at Casumo, for example, is completely omitted for customers. The entire creation of one’s own account is done completely automatically via Trustly during the first deposit and the necessary data such as name and age are requested from the respective bank that is linked to the Trustly account.

This not only saves a lot of time during the first registration but also has an enormous effect on all further deposits and withdrawals. In the new Pay N Play casino from Casumo, transactions will be possible in less than a minute in the future and the hard-earned money will land immediately from the gaming account on one’s own bank account. Another advantage of this new generation of casinos without registration is the issue of security. For example, once a withdrawal has been ordered, it cannot be delayed by the online casino, nor can the customer cancel the transaction himself.

There are currently two types of Trustly casinos on the market. One has the up-and-coming financial service provider only as another alternative payment option in its portfolio. The others, the pure Pay N Play casinos like the new virtual casino of Casumo, on the other hand, run completely via Trustly. However, they are currently the fastest providers for both deposits and withdrawals, and there is also no need to register here.

The Gaming Innovation Group contributes its outstanding technology

When it comes to the technology for the new Pay N Play casino with the anticipated name Mill of Magic, Casumo has chosen GIG, the Gaming Innovation Group. This company used to own online casinos such as Rizk or Guts, which were later sold to the Swedish Betsson Group.

As one of the first operators, GIG also had its own Pay N Play casino in its portfolio at that time with Gutsexpress, as Casumo would now like to have one itself. It was precisely this experience in the field of casinos without registration that predestined the Gaming Innovation Group as the perfect partner for the new project.

In addition to its own software platform, which can draw from a pool of more than 3,000 slot machines from all possible manufacturers, GIG Casumo offers much more. The operator also opted for the real-time data platform, which permanently provides information about the processes in its own online casino. In addition, Casumo relies on the Logic software solution in the new Pay N Play casino. This makes it possible to automate certain decisions, such as whether customers should be rewarded for certain successes or which slot machines and live casino games may be displayed in which countries. This reduces the operator’s workload enormously.

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