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Pay N Play Casino – Play and Withdraw without delay!

What is Pay and Play?

This is a product of innovation from Trustly which allows casino players to start playing their games of choice right away with an instant deposit from their bank account. The Trustly team has come up with this brilliant technology that combines the registration and deposit process. The main idea behind the innovation is to ensure that casino players are able to get in action a bit faster than when using other methods of payment. Players are saved the lengthy registration procedures, and the good news is that they do not need to have a Trustly account to use the service. This service is taking over the online casino industry with dozens of casino operators already offering the service. With this fantastic product from Trustly, online gaming has been made easy with just a straightforward bank deposit.

What is Pay N Play casino and what are the advantages of using it?

A Pay N Play casino is an online casino game operators that have adopted the Trustly’s newest technology of payment. The most tiresome and scrupulous processes that players face are the account setup, completion of the registration form, filling of the credit card details and submission of verification documents. With this new technology, Players can now bypass the complex registration process. This technology has revolutionised online gaming with some extremely breathtaking merits. For example, players do not need to register but select, and their details will be sent to the casino operator by Trustly. There is also the benefit of instant withdrawals meaning that players get to cash out their winning as soon as they are won hence building loyalty. The technology has made it easier for operators to stay compliant.

Advantages of Pay N Play Casinos

What’s the difference between Pure Pay and Play and Hybrid Pay and Play Casinos?

The Pure mode is designed for operators commencing a new brand or rebranding a pre-existing one. Here, Trustly is the only registration and payment option and players begin playing once they make their deposits. The players will be able to see their previous balance upon verification through their online bank when they leave the site and return later. With the Pure mode, there are instant withdrawals with no additional details required. Unlike the Pure mode, the Hybrid mode is designed for operators wishing to improve their existing brands. Here, Trustly is among the other registration or sign-in and methods of payment. This model lacks the “Continue Playing” option hence players returning to the site must log in or make a Trustly deposit. Players must log in into their online bank via Trustly iframe when withdrawing.

Players from which countries could benefit from Pay and Play Casinos?

Trustly is a proud operator from Sweden known for the provision of fast, simple and secure payment solutions. Pay N Play which is the newest payment method by Trustly is currently available or rather allowed in Sweden, Finland , Germany and Estonia as a method of payment. The rest of the countries in Europe only accept payment strictly by Trustly and not the newest payment method brought by Trustly. Players from these countries will benefit from the latest technology from the company which is Pay N Play. The rapid growth of the company has been attributed to the high level of innovation in the services they have been offering to their clients hence the expansion.

Is Pay and Play secure and trustworthy?

Pay and Play is a secure mode of payment that a player can use for online gaming. Given that it is a product of Trustly is a proof enough that the payment option is legit and safe to use. Trustly is a licenced institution authorised to provide payment solutions by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The company also holds a European Payment Services Provider (PSP) licence. The PSP licence confers with the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC). The above seals of approvals and licences serve as an assurance of security and legitimacy to both the players and online casino operators. Also, players do not have to register in order to use the service hence no information is stored. This means that there is no data that can be used to access their bank accounts since Trustly stores none.

Are there welcome bonuses if I signup with Pay and Play Casino?

Pay and Play is a technology that is being adopted by dosen online casinos in Europe. Most verified Pay and Play Casinos have lucrative bonuses and promotions designed for players signing up with this new payment method. The number of these casinos is growing each day with companies operators still at the initial stage of incorporating these top notch payment option into their system.

Pay N Play casino bonus is among the new developments in the Online Gaming industry. Websites like Spela Casino offer a fabulous welcome bonus for those players using this new technology from Trustly. These players are allowed to enjoy 100 Free Spins on Starburst Video Slots for the players in Sweden and Finland.

Rolla Casino offers players a welcome package of up to €500 for those in Sweden, Finland and Norway. These players do not need an account to enjoy these bonuses, all they are required to is make a deposit via Trustly and be able to activate the bonus.

There are other more popular casinos in Europe ComeOn Casino offering players a 100% welcome bonus of up to €25. This a very popular casino and sportsbook now allowing players to enjoy the instant pay, play and win with the amazing bonuses. Another giant in the online gaming industry is Betsson Casino and Sportsbook which is also among the casinos that have Pay N Play casino bonus and embrace the new innovative technology from Trustly.

Another casino that offers bonuses for the players signing up with Trustly’s latest technology is the Ninja Casino. With this casino, players are given a chance to pay via Trustly and get Free Spins which they can use to win real cash. No account is required, and all they need to do is make payment via Trustly’s new technology and play. This is specifically for those players in Sweden and Finland.

FAQ – Do I need to register with Pay and Play Casino?

It is not necessary for players to register with the Trustly generated system of payment in order to successfully deposit cash into their online accounts. What the players are required to do is to look for the payment option referred to as pay and play in the casino website and deposit some cash using the option. Since Trustly is the company behind it, all the information about the player who used it as the payment option will the sent directly to the casino website, and they will update the player’s information on their website thus shortening all the struggles of the registration process. This will allow all the players using the method to spend a shorter time at the casino’s website when depositing funds.

FAQ – Is Pay and Play better than Skrill and PayPal?

Players will find it more advantageous to use the payment method than using Skrill and PayPal. When using the method of payment, players will not necessarily need to register into their favourite casino in order to deposit some cash directly into their online accounts, but they can do it from their bank accounts. This will save players all the hustles of registration since Trustly will send all the player’s details to the casino. Players using the method will enjoy instants withdrawals and enjoy their winnings immediately they are won unlike players using Skrill and PayPal who will wait for few more days for their withdrawal transactions to be completed. Data of players who use the method will be automatically transferred to the casino operators by Trustly; hence this will minimise the test carried by the casino operators to ensure they remain compliant.

FAQ – What are the fees of using Pay and Play Casino

It is every player’s wish to by-pass all the lengthy process of registration of online casinos and deposit funds into their accounts and start playing. With pay and play this is possible since players only need to deposit cash directly into their online accounts from their bank accounts and start playing their favourite games. The fees of using pay n play casinos are subsequently low, and this is advantageous to both the high rollers players and those players who stake low. All players will find it wise to use payment method since its fees are relatively low. This integrated system employed Trustly is beneficial to both the operator and the players.